Naomi Crain

Naomi Crain offers song critiquing and intensive song working sessions.

Naomi’s long association with the ASC as a member of the Sydney Circle has seen many members and guests enjoy her keen insights into their songs submitted for critique in our monthly circle meetings. But time constraints often mean that she can’t go into the depth of critique she’d like to, or that the song merits.

About Naomi’s Song Critiquing Sessions
In Naomi’s Song Critiquing sessions, songwriters can submit a recorded song & lyrics for Naomi to critique, much like in a monthly circle. Naomi will review the song and provide a recorded critique, along with any written notes she’s made. Critiques are expected to be around 15-20 minutes, with detailed unpacking of all the areas Naomi identifies potential for improvement or areas that might be fun to play with alternatives, to see if something even better exists.

Naomi Crain

I’ve had two critiques from Naomi and she seriously gets the point of my songs better than I do.  When I’m writing, I give in to my bad habits and basically have no clear direction or plan, so I like how she explains WHERE the issues are in my current approach, and WHY they will be a problem.  Sometimes they are little course corrections, and sometimes they are Wow moments.  If you’ve ever heard Naomi give a presentation then you’ll know how passionate she is about songwriting, and her critiques are the same.   - Paul

About Naomi’s Intensive Song Working Sessions
In Naomi’s Intensive Song Working sessions, a songwriter can join Naomi live on zoom for an hour, during which she’ll listen to 3-4 songs while reviewing lyrics, and give feedback and critique on each of then, in conversation with the writer. These sessions allow for a deeper play with the song, perhaps allowing Naomi to suggest changes that the writer can play with immediately using an instrument/vocals.

Naomi has long been a valued critique at our monthly circles and has delivered several workshops on song craft which offer a depth of understanding to songwriters that isn’t often able to be unpacked in the short critiquing time available. These mentoring sessions allow Naomi to bring this knowledge into the critiquing process, and spend time suggestion the polishing, fine tuning and crafting that can take an average song to a great one.

About Naomi
Naomi is a singer/songwriter in the “chick with acoustic guitar genre”, who has released two albums and enjoyed co-writing with several other acts across the nearly 30 years since she first started writing music while studying songwriting and music production at university. Her songs wear Bono’s leather, Patty Griffin’s dresses and Ani Difranco’s boots, though her appreciation of music across pop, rock and country enables her to apply her songwriting skills across many genres. Find out more at or find her work on your preferred streaming service.

Bookings note:  Each mentoring session is a one-time event.  Whilst our mentors are happy to clarify any information they have given you that is unclear, ongoing discussion in person or via email after the session is completed is not available and will require a new booking. For example, if you book and have a song critique session and would like feedback on subsequent rewrites etc, you will need to book another session.