Success Stories

ASCers Flying High

The Sky is the Limit for these talented songwriters since attending the ASC.


ASC 2010 - ASC Team Member - Karise Higgins

Karise Eden (ASC 2010)

In 2009, a shy and talented young singer found her way to ASC Founder, Lisa Butler, for coaching and mentoring – and ended up being an event assistant at ASC 2010!  Karise blew everyoKarise_Eden_Things-Ive-Donene away with her powerhouse vocals and we knew she would be an international superstar one day.  Two years later, Karise became a household name when she won ‘The Voice Australia‘.  With a string of #1 hits already under her belt, including her debut album, ‘My Journey’ (a compilation of the songs she sang on the TheVoice GF_04hit TV show), Karise has recently released her second album ‘Things I’ve Done’ – with all the songs written or co-written by her.  In December 2014, Karise had her first child, but she will be touring to promote ‘Things I’ve Done’ later in 2015. Check out Karise’s website for tour dates – and join KariseEdenFans (run by Lisa Butler) to keep up-to-date on all things Karise!  The ASC family is incredibly proud of ‘our girl’ and we are looking forward to more great music from this talented ASCer. Watch Karise




Nick Roberts (ASC 2008, 2009, 2010)

We didn’t quite know what to make of Nick when he turned up at the ASC in 2008. He loodownloadked like he might become the cause of ASC’s first insurance claim!  As it turned out, Nick Roberts not only had a phenomenal stage presence, resonating rock vocal and songwriting gift, he was also a perfect gentleman!  Nick came to the ASC to hone his songwriting skills and find a producer for his band, October Rage.  He achieved both! Rock Producer and ASC Faculty member, Adrian Hannan has since produced all of the Band’s singles and albums, including their latest offering, ‘Fallout, Guns & Dust’ – and they ROCK! october_rage Nick writes all the songs for the band, and their debut single, ‘Silverline’, won the band the coveted role of support act for Bon Jovi in Sydney and that was followed by two highly successful tours of the USA.  The band is ready to explode on the international level and we are so proud of our resident ‘Rock God’, Nick Roberts for all he is achieving. Watch October Rage




ASC 2010 recipient of Founders Encouragement Award - Kathy ProsserKathy Possum  (ASC 2008, 2009, 2010)

ASC’s ‘poster child’ for committing to a goal, Kathy Prosser (aka Kathy Possum) came to the ASC in 2008 as a member of the police force with a dream to write and perform music for children that would promote a love and understanding of Australia, society and the natural environment. Kathy found the ASC event so inspiring that by the time she returned to us in 2009, she had ditched the uniform and was travellingKathy Possum - album cover around Australia performing her shows at day care centres and preschools – and she was fully booked for twelve months in advance!  With three albums now released (all produced by ASC Producer/Mentor, Sven Tydeman, and with Sven and fellow writer and ASC Mentor, Ritchie Neville, both tn_KathyPossum_15performing on the albums too), Kathy has won multiple awards for her songs and her shows, and in 2010 she won the ASC Founder’s Award for her dedication and hard work in fulfilling her songwriting and music career dreams.  Kathy has continued to build on her dream by franchising the Possum brand.  Her business, Possum Music is rapidly expanding and now includes ‘Ricky Possum’ and ‘Jimmy Possum’ in the franchise.  Kathy, her husband and their two children moved to the USA in 2014 to pursue her music and expand the business further.  We couldn’t be prouder of Kathy for her achievements and her commitment to the craft of songwriting. Watch Possum Music




10.4ASC08AwardsAlexandra Jae (ASC 2008, 2009, 2010)

Lisa Butler received a call in late 2007 from a mother who wanted to know if her 13 year old daughter, Alexandra, could attend the ASC.  13 years old?  “Um, sure, Mrs Valmorbida. If she is passionate about songwriting and you think she is mature enough to take in all the information, of course she can come – Alexandra Jae - album coverbut you’ll have to come with her.”  And boy, are we glad they did! Alexandra’s incredible vocal talent and natural songwriting ability was noticed immediately by ASC’s main seminar facilitator, Jason Blume, who took her artisAlexandra+Jae+378564_338056812875419_1623758t package home to the USA. He handed Alex’s demo to legendary L.A. Pop producer, Eddy Galan who promptly signed her up to record three songs, all of which she co-wrote with Blume!  Since then, Alex has been honing her vocal, performance and songwriting skills, she’s won several songwriting awards, gold and silver medals at the 15th World Championships of Performing Arts, and has recently released a brilliant EP, ‘Higher’, a cool blend of Pop, Dance and Electronica.  The baby of the ASC family, ‘little’ Alex Valmorbida has come along way since 2008 and we have loved watching her grow and evolve into Alexandra Jae, a beautiful, poised and talented young woman who we think will go a long way with her career. Check out Alex’s website to find out more.




Susan Muranty (2009, 2010)

Susan considered herself to be a ‘non-performing songwriter’ when she first came to the ASC in 2009.  She was quite happy to have other people sing her songs, believing her voice wasn’t good enough.  At the event, hit songwriter, Gary Pinto, took one look at her lyric, ‘Amen Amen’, and wanted in!  Gary worked on the song with Susan over the weekend, and performed it for the public who attended the Attendees ‘Open Mic’.  Susan Muranty - Incandecence _album coverWhen Susan returned to the ASC In 2010, though still not confident in her singing ability, she had begun to lay down the vocal tracks on her song demos. ASC’s main seminar facilitator, Jason Blume, happened to hear her demo for ‘Ruby Ruby’ at a Publisher Pitch Session, and loved Susan’s vocal on the demo, telling her she had the voice of a true artist.  We agree. Susan has an airy, ethereal Susan Muranty - imagequality to her voice and her songs that is unique and truly beautiful.  Over the past couple of years, she has been working with ASC faculty producers, Sven Tydeman and Ritchie Neville at Kittygroove Productions. Together, they have been co-writing with Susan and producing her songs – and finally, Susan is sharing her gifts of song and voice. She has released a number of her songs as singles and in late 2014 released an EP, ‘Incandescence’, all of which are available on iTunes.  Susan is a free and creative spirit – she is also a talented painter and sculptor – so visit Susan’s website – and you’ll become as entranced as we are.


More ASC Success Stories coming soon!