At ASC we recognise the important role that experienced and trusted industry professionals can play in helping you move forward with your music career. Navigating the music industry can be a lot of work, and there are many important aspects to consider. Having a successful music career takes more than artistic talent. There is an entire business side of being a music creator, and if you don't know the right people or steps you need to take, the results can be disappointing.

Do you need help with

  • Songwriting mentoring
  • Writing better quality songs
  • In-depth song analysis/evaluation
  • Professional feedback
  • Professional Co-writing
  • Setting and implementing goals
  • Motivation & focus
  • Accountability
  • Navigating the industry
  • Life/Career balance
  • Career planning
  • Pitching your songs to artists and for sync
  • Connecting with the right industry pros
  • Getting radio airplay
  • Creating your artist identity
  • Designing and developing your brand
  • Music video production

The following coaches, mentors and consultants are now available to help you with all this and much more. 

Hit Songwriter & Teacher
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Career & Life Coach
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Management & Publishing Professional
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Artist Identity/Branding &
Music Video Producer
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Song Feedback Service
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Bookings note:  Each mentoring session is a one-time event.  Whilst our mentors are happy to clarify any information they have given you that is unclear, ongoing discussion in person or via email after the session is completed is not available and will require a new booking. For example, if you book and have a song critique session and would like feedback on subsequent rewrites etc, you will need to book another session.