At ASC we recognise the important role that experienced and trusted industry professionals can play in helping you move forward with your music career. Navigating the music industry can be a lot of work, and there are many important aspects to consider. Having a successful music career takes more than artistic talent. There is an entire business side of being a music creator, and if you don't know the right people or steps you need to take, the results can be disappointing.

Do you need help with

  • Songwriting mentoring
  • Writing better quality songs
  • In-depth song analysis/evaluation
  • Professional feedback
  • Professional Co-writing
  • Setting and implementing goals
  • Motivation & focus
  • Accountability
  • Navigating the industry
  • Life/Career balance
  • Career planning
  • Navigating the industry
  • Pitching your songs to artists and for sync
  • Connecting with the right industry pros
  • Getting radio airplay
  • Creating your artist identity
  • Designing and developing your brand
  • Music video production

The following coaches, mentors and consultants are now available to help you with all this and much more. 

Hit Songwriter & Teacher
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Career & Life Coach
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Management & Publishing Professional
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Artist Identity/Branding &
Music Video Producer
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Keen to connect with other songwriters in a supportive group environment?

Interested in actively tracking your songwriting journey and sharing your progress with others on a similar path?

Or do you have questions about some aspect of the music industry, that you’d like to get a seasoned professional’s insight around?


Then you’ll find loads of value in joining our monthly combined Group Mentoring + Music Career Q&A with Lisa Butler, Founder and CEO of the Australian Songwriters Conference (ASC). These 90-minute sessions are structured in two parts, to ensure attendees get the maximum benefits from our intensive yet organically flowing approach to group support for songwriters like you.

First Half: Peer Mentoring

In the first part of each session, participants will engage in a round-table update to the group about their own latest songwriting progress. This might include actions, successes or goals achieved since the previous peer mentoring catch-up. This part of the session encourages open and flowing conversation around participants’ current songwriting endeavours, and provides an opportunity to help each other through sharing experiences, insights and suggestions.

Participants can also speak about any important personal news, fresh goals they’d like to work toward, areas of focus for the coming period, or simply observations and learnings from recent creative work that they feel would be helpful in bringing to the group. In this way participants are able to float ideas, build clarity around priorities, and devise preliminary plans of action toward their aims.

Second Half: Music Career & Industry Q&A

The second part of each session will hone in and more deeply unpack specific industry questions or topics, which either arose during the peer mentoring segment or that participants have brought with them to explore in greater detail. This portion of the session is actively guided by ASC Founder and CEO, Lisa Butler, who offers this support as an extension from her own coaching practice. As well as assisting participants with their individual questions and issues, over time, Lisa will also explore with the group such topics as: motivation, moving through fear, decision-making, developing business strategies, building your confidence, and much more. She is especially passionate to support you through…

  • the steps you need to take to move your music career forward
  • help with goal-setting, accountability, self-discipline or career planning
  • removing roadblocks that are impacting your emotional or mental health

Everyone needs a little help from time to time. If you’d like assistance with your career or another issue but you’re not ready for, or can’t afford, individualised coaching – then these sessions are perfect for you. Lisa has a certificate of coaching and a Diploma of counselling – and her experience as a songwriter, industry event manager, music organisation administrator, confidant to high-level industry figures and mentor to music creatives, spans three decades. Here is where you’ll find help you need to better navigate the challenges of building a music career.

Feedback So Far

Whether you’d like connection or support around your music career, other work, events in your personal life, a creative block or something else entirely – talking it through and learning some tools and strategies can help you move forward more quickly. Feedback around our initial pilot sessions has been glowing, as well as helped us pinpoint why having these kinds of catch-ups can be so vital:

“Definitely a helpful session for me, as I work toward launching my debut EP “It’s yours.” in a couple of months! Learned some great perspectives around strategy, planning and time management approaches – as well as suggestions on how to keep those creative juices flowing through times of fluctuation. It was also lovely to meet and connect with other songwriters, and share parts of our journeys together. Looking forward to more!”     - Genevieve Sovereign


“Thank you so much for having me for the Group Mentoring for Creatives session! I took a lot from the session, I found it incredibly helpful, and feel I have a much better perspective and an optimistic outlook for where I am headed, some of the steps need(ed) to get there and my capability of taking them. I have taken heaps of notes and am still working through them to absorb the points we discussed properly and put the valuable information learned to good use in my planning!”         – Leonie-Jane Mahnken


Come share your journey with us in our next Group Mentoring + Music Career Q&A session!  It takes place on the third Thursday of each month from 7pm to 8.30pm (Sydney time).

ASC Members $10 (Members, get you Discount Coupon Code here)
Non-Members $20