Seminars & Workshops

This listing of the 2021 seminars and workshops will continue to be updated as new activities are added to the program so please remember to check back periodically. Only seminars and workshops are listed here; it does not include the one-hour talks by our Speakers who will share about writing in their specific genre or production, publishing, music law etc in the case of the industry executives.  A list of Speakers is available on the Speakers & Mentors page.


Alan Roy Scott

Over the course of the 4 days of the conference, Alan will lead daily activities and workshop segments covering critical aspects of "hit" songwriting in 2021 including proper song structure, memorable melody craft, chord contrasts, lyrical forms & the importance of titles and rhymes.  Other topics Alan will cover include:

      • Analysis of current "hit"songs and what makes them "work"
      • Analysis of Arrangement/Production and current demo methods
      • The art of co-writing
      • Group co-writing session to mirror actual collaboration situations

Alan Roy Scott

As well as running the Main Seminars at ASC2021, Alan will also run his popular "Song Surgery" sessions where detailed "live" evaluations and suggested revisions will be offered on the spot to attendees, aimed at improving your existing songs.

Anthony Snape

That wonderful idea that people will happily pay for your next music project. This session will demystify what goes on in successful crowd-funding campaigns and how you can utilise the vast number of tools available, to create your own campaign.

Session will cover the following:

      • ARE YOU READY? How to know if you are ready for crowd-funding.
      • CHECKLIST Things you need to know before you start.
      • DETAILS Simple steps to help you set up and make your campaign a success.
      • Crowd-funding using a third party website. You don’t actually need them!

Francesca de Valence

Discover the keys that have helped over 600 songwriters write over 8000 songs globally so you can too. And it’s a lot easier than you think. In this one of a kind session, CEO & Founder of I Heart Songwriting Club, Francesca de Valence, shares practical tools for overcoming songwriters’ biggest blocks and barriers once and for all. Be inspired to tackle writers’ block, time management, isolation, procrastination and take action to become the best songwriter you can be.

Anthony Snape

So you are a music artist. You have great songs and an inspired collection of original recordings.  Now what?

This session covers various aspects of an indie artist’s career;  writing, product creation, performance, branding, defining an audience, socials, "at the gig" break down of what is important and how to interact with fans both in person and online.  Come join the discussion where we outline a path forward and discover ways of gathering an audience that will LOVE picking up what you're putting down.

Kathy Prosser

Songwriters are unique. We all have different viewpoints, talents, and personal circumstances, but we all share one common goal - to get our music heard. But, what if you can’t get a recording deal, or a publishing contract, or you can’t tour, or you can’t be up until the wee hours of the morning because of other commitments, or you write but don’t perform, or any other reason that prevents you or your music fitting into regular industry avenues? Then what? 

In this seminar Kathy will share the processes she implemented in developing 2 unique business models creating regular income streams not only for her but also numerous other performers. You will be encouraged to think outside the box to identify what makes your talents and messages stand out from the crowd and how you may leverage that information to develop unique business models that suit your lifestyle, fill gaps in the market, and ultimately put money in your pocket. 

Bring a pen and paper and let’s get down to business!

Jack Nigro

An important part of being a professional songwriter is the demo recording process. This is something that can be an affordable and simple process you can do from your home.

Join audio engineer Jack Nigro in the On-Site Studio as he takes you through some simple techniques and tricks you can use in your home recording set up to get the best sonic results for your demos and home recordings. These tips and tricks can significantly enhance your songs potential when pitching to the industry.

This 1.5 hour workshop is broken into 5 parts:

      • Setting Up Your Home Studio
      • Fundamental recording do’s and dont’s
      • Introduction to audio tools
      • Creating a simple mix
      • Mastering and file formats.

Doreen Van Bree

Doreen will conduct Singing Workshops to help you learn more about the vocal ‘instrument’ and how its used, so you can write songs to compliment any voice.  Doreen’s workshops are fun, interesting and educational, and all workshop participants will receive a free copy of her booklet “Basic Vocal Exercises For Singers”.  Doreen is kindly making herself available at various times during the event as a Conference Mentor.