Lisa Butler

"I want a career in Music! But how?"

Sound like you?

Songwriters and music makers are some of the most passionate creators, yet career planning, goal setting, or evening knowing what’s possible is often difficult.

Music industry careers take a lot of work, can be stressful and disappointing. It can feel like it’s all about knowing the right people, or getting lucky.

It leaves you assuming the problem is you don’t know them and you’re not getting lucky.

But the truth is, your skills and knowledge play a bigger part than you realise – and the good news is, those things are learnable! They also involve much more than the creative aspects of writing songs, creating music or performing.

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Ask yourself

Do you have a crystal clear idea of what you're aiming for?
Do you know what steps you need to take in order to get there?
Do you have a plan?
Do you know how to implement it?
Are you taking care of your mental, physical and spiritual health as you strive so hard to get where you want to be?

There’s a lot to consider.

Coaching with Lisa can help.

Lisa’s coaching hits right at the heart of what music creators need:

      • Knowing what’s possible and setting goals
      • Planning the path to reach those goals
      • motivation when the path gets rocky
      • accountability when creative apathy, fear or distraction set it
      • industry navigation when choices arise
      • creative skills development mentoring.

She’ll share her wealth of knowledge, experience and wisdom, gained from 30 years involvement in the music and entertainment industries.

You’ll also reap the benefit of Lisa’s many perspectives on the industry, as a songwriter, industry event manager, music organisation administrator, confidant to high-level industry figures and mentor to music creatives.

What you’ll experience when Lisa’s your coach

Coaching with Lisa is a supportive & encouraging mix of dreaming, planning, action and achieving.

You’ll define your long-term goals and develop a plan to reach them.

You’ll have a professional assessment of your skills and strengths, and what you’ll need to work on next. And you'll be supported every step of the way as you develop those skills.

You can turn your passion or hobby into a successful career. But it isn’t easy.

It takes courage and commitment.

Not everyone in your life will understand.

Having a safe, supportive space to talk about the challenges can mean the difference between a healthy, thriving career, and giving up entirely.

You don't need to 'go it alone'. Lisa’s Professional Coaching Certification, her Diploma of Counselling and her training in Mental Health First Aid all mean she’s the perfect fit for anyone struggling to stay positive on their musical journey.

Are you ready to take your music career to the next level?

Where to start

Coaching starts with Lisa’s 90 minute Creative Visioning session.

In this one-off session, you’ll identify and articulate your goals, explore your strengths and the areas to build on, and you’ll set manageable, actionable goals to move you forward.

In this session, you’ll also discuss what benefits and goals could be yours if you engaged in continued coaching with Lisa, and she’ll give any details you’ll need to consider whether this is right for you.

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About Lisa

ASC Founder and CEO, Lisa has been involved in the music industry for twenty+ years. She is a certified professional coach, has a Diploma of Counselling and has had training in Mental Health First Aid. Lisa provides mentoring for Creatives in the areas of motivation, accountability, decision-making, career pathways and development, life skills and mental health.