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Due to COVID-19 restrictions, all ASC Circle activities  are currently being held online in our virtual meeting room on Zoom.  Visit the Home page or Circle Facebook Event pages listed below for updates on Virtual Circle meetings taking place:

ASC Sydney Circle
ASC Melbourne Circle

We hope to see you at a Virtual Circle soon!

Songwriters of all music genres and skill levels are welcome. Develop your skills in the craft and business of songwriting, network and collaborate with other members, and be involved in this supportive songwriting community.

Circle dates and details are advertised in the Events Calendar on the Home page and also on the Circle's Facebook page.

ASC Members have free entry to Circles and non-members can attend their first two meetings for free, and then become an ASC Member or pay $15 entry to further meetings.

The ASC Melbourne Coordinator is Genevieve Sovereign. As with our Sydney Circle, we'd love some volunteers to work with Gen and assist around social media, greeting people on meeting nights, small admin tasks, etc. If you are interested in being on the Melbourne Circle team, please contact Gen at

We look forward to seeing you soon at the ASC Melbourne Circle!

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The ASC Melbourne Coordinator is Genevieve Sovereign

Electronic singer-songwriter Genevieve Sovereign ( is a jack-of-various-trades with skills and passions extending well beyond music into project management, strategic communications, personal/professional development, creative industries and lifelong learning.

Gen loves pushing past the boundaries of convention in collaboration with conscientious, heart-driven people. So it's really no wonder she found the opportunity to help out at ASC irresistible - first easing in as something of a "ghost writer" for various ASC comms and outreach material starting in April 2022, before additionally taking up the ASC Melbourne Coordinator mantle only a couple months later!

There's just no stopping this girl when there's work to be done, it seems... 😉