ASC2021 Song Contest FAQ

How do I enter?

To enter this contest you must be one of the following:

  • an ASC2021 Registered Attendee
  • a current ASC Member
  • a past ASC Conference Attendee 
  • an ASC Mailing List Subscriber


Contest entry is a 2-step process;

  1.  Complete your entry details and pay for your entries using the online entry form.  An email will be sent to you.
  2.  Click the song upload link in the email we send to you. Upload your song files to our Disco account.

For detailed instructions about uploading your song files, see FAQ “How do I submit my song entries?”

What are the Prizes?

Category winners receive a complimentary 12 month ASC Membership and a Category Winner certificate.

The Category winning songs are then judged by our panel made up of ASC Faculty and other music industry professionals to decide the Grand Prize winning song.

  • All Access Pass to ASC2021 (or ASC2023 if already registered for ASC2021)
  • Two Extra Song Pitches at ASC2021 (or ASC2023 if not attending ASC2021)
  • One hour Mentoring Session with Grammy Award winning songwriter and teacher, Alan Roy Scott
  • One year DISCO ‘Pro’ subscription complements of DISCO
  • 2 years complimentary ASC Membership
  • Exclusive limited edition ASC T-Shirt and Coffee Mug
  • Grand Winner Certificate and Trophy

Grand Prize valued at $1600. Other prizes may be added. Prizes are not transferable or redeemable for cash.

How many song entries can I submit?

You can enter as many songs as you like.  You can also enter the same song in different categories. Each category entry will incur an entry fee of $10.00, eg,

Song for Bob is entered into the Pop and Lyric Only categories = 2 entries: $20.00.



How do I submit my song entries?

When you submit your online entry form an email will automatically be sent to you with a link to an upload page  where you will upload your song files.

The upload page will ask you for your name, email and phone number again. Please use exactly the same details as those you submitted on the entry form. This is so we can match the entry forms and song files accurately.

You can upload your song entry in .mp3 or .wav format, and lyrics for the ‘Lyric Only’ category can be uploaded in  Word or PDF format.

You can upload all your song entries at the same time.

When uploading your song files, include a line in the ‘Message’ section of the upload page for each song entry:  Song Title – Category

Eg:  You are entering ‘Song For Jane’ in the Pop category.  Upload the mp3 or wav file of the song, then in the message section type the following:  Song for Jane – Pop


If you are entering a song in more than one category, the song file only needs to be uploaded once (if you are also entering a song in the ‘Lyric Only’ category, remember to upload the lyric sheet too). Then,  add a note in the Message section as follows:  Song Title – Category, Category, Category

Eg: You are entering ‘Song For Bob’ in the Country, Adult Contemporary and Lyric Only categories.  Upload the mp3 or wav file of the song and a word document or PDF of the lyric sheet, then in the message section type the following:  Song for Bob – Country, Adult Contemporary, Lyric Only


For the ‘Lyric Only’ category, please upload the lyric sheet as a word or PDF document. Do not upload a music file unless you are entering the song in one of the other categories.

By submitting your songs as per these instructions, you will ensure the song is included in the categories you have nominated.

Should I include my co-writers on the entry form?

As the ASC attendee, your name should be first for each song entry on the entry form.  There is space for the song writers in each song entry section. If you are entering songs that are co-written, include all the writers of the song in that section. Again, the entry form won’t go to the judges – it’s for ASC record keeping (it’s also a basic courtesy to include the names of all the writers!).

Can I enter songs that are not ‘studio’ production quality?

Yes you can.

The ASC Song Contest is about the quality of the song itself, not the production of the song.  The judges will be listening for exceptional melodies, lyrics, use of rhythms, melodic and lyrical hooks etc.  You can enter a song that is fully produced in a professional studio or a song that is recorded at home with guitar and vocal and it will be judged the same way.

Do I retain my rights to the songs I enter?


ASC does not have any rights to your songs and we won’t ask you for any either. We usually ask the grand winner permission to add a non-downloadable sound file to the website for a few weeks afterwards, but there is no question of rights.  The winner often gets snapped up by a publisher anyway, and we don’t want to jeopardise that – it would go against the ASC ethos to do so.

When will the winners be announced?

The Song Contest Awards ceremony will be held online via Zoom on Sunday 30th May at 7.30pm.  If you’re entering the contest, lock this evening into your calendar!

Full details coming soon!