The Artist’s Way (12 week program)

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Lost your creative mojo?
Disconnected from your inner artist?
Need help reigniting your creative flame?
Just want to enhance your creativity by prioritising it
and making it more central to your life?


Join us for the ASC's 2021 session of
The Artist's Way
commencing Thursday 26th August for 12 weeks!

"Three times in the last decade I've committed to doing The Artist's Way programme,
and each time I've learned something important and surprising about myself and my work...
Without The Artist's Way, there would have been no Eat, Pray, Love."

Elizabeth Gilbert

The Artist’s Way has helped millions of people uncover their creative selves.

It demystifies the creative process and opens up opportunities for growth and renewal. Julia Cameron’s tools will help you rediscover your passions and take the steps you need to change your life.

What to expect

The Artist’s Way is a 12-week program. It includes practical actions, self-reflection and emotional contemplation, as well as a lot of space for curiosity and play. It’s fun, challenging, can feel overwhelming and even frustrating. It’s certainly a journey!

But it’s also a path that can unlock amazing desires and actions towards creative dreams. It can even change lives!

At times it can be intense, requiring deep personal reflection and challenge. The Artist’s Way is, at its core, a spiritual program. It contains regular reference to God, and the idea that a creative force created us to be creative. In her introduction Cameron addresses those who aren’t so spiritually minded, describing her concept of God as Good Orderly Direction. With this simple definition, non-spiritual participants can view God as the right flow of things – the way things should be when creativity is recognised as our natural state, in flow with the core energy of the universe.

What you'll need

You’ll need a copy of the book - available in most bookstores, on, on Kindle or from

You’ll need a good supply of A4 notebooks. You’ll need a total of 252 pages, and spiral bound notebooks are much easier in the long run.

The program involves a decent commitment of time each week:

  • Our weekly Zoom class each Thursday evening (90 mins)
  • Reading the relevant chapter of the book each week (60 mins)
  • A morning writing exercise (30 mins +/-), and
  • A block of time (at least 90 minutes) each week for what’s called your “artist date” during which you need to be alone and free to go out or stay in and be lead by your curiosity.

On top of this, there are other exercises and activities suggested, of which at least one or two should be attempted, though these may not take much time.

While there’s no 'punishment' for not giving the expected amount of time each day and week, it should be your intention to do so. It’s only when you truly undertake the program that you’ll get the benefits.

Naomi Crain will be facilitating this exciting program that will engage your creative spirit and unlock the potential of your inner artist.

Naomi Crain

Don't be overwhelmed!

It sounds like a lot, and can feel like a bit commitment. It is, to be sure.

But it’s also flexible enough to fit in with your life. And you’ll benefit in ways you can't imagine.

Got questions about the course? Contact Naomi Crain.
Got questions about payment or registration? Contact the Course Team.

Join us and make 2021 the year
you allow your creative self to bloom!