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ASC Song Lab will Blow Your Mind!

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Finding it impossible to be the songwriter you dream of becoming? Writer’s block, low inspiration, no motivation… No problems. We’re here to help!  

We call it ‘Song Lab’ -- it’s a creative songwriting space, with a twist! 

Each month, we will make sure that you  walk away with multiple song titles, song structures, supercharged creativity, and confidence to step past any self judgement or limiting thoughts that may be holding you back from writing the songs you deserve to write. 

Consider Song Lab your space to unlock your unique creativity and make writer’s block a thing of the past (for good!). 

We aren’t about forcing you to write whatever is trendy -- we want you to find your creative voice. Every session is carefully designed to ensure that you are able to explore, discover and interpret your unique artist style and bring it to life, so that you can write the songs you dream of.

And it doesn’t matter how much experience you have, either.

Our  sessions are perfect for encouraging shaping and moulding your unique artist expression, whether you are a beginner who is looking to get started the right way or an experienced songwriter who needs a fresh approach to your creativity.

We’ll show you the songwriting secrets of the world’s biggest music artists, so you can take your songwriting to its full potential.

So, make your writer’s block a thing of the past by joining us at Song Lab. It’s time to blow your own mind and discover what you’re truly capable of.

The concept behind Song Lab is created and presented by talented artist, writer and producer, Ben Tenison (Roxley Music).

DATE:  Tuesday 12th July 2022
TIME:  7.30pm to 10pm (AEST)
WHERE:  Online/Virtual Session

ASC Members: $20.00 (Members: get your Discount Coupon Code here)
Non-Members: $26.00


Song Lab is now held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month.
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What people are saying about ASC Song Lab:

"Great inspiration and writing catalysts. It really awakened my creativity and got the ideas flowing. So totally inspired and encouraged by the development process of idea to song. Thanks Ben... for such a great session." -Kath, Victoria

"Loved the free writing section again! Also love the midi loops! Definitely was good to get started with ideas!" -Brett, Queensland

"I wasn’t sure what to expect tonight but was so pleasantly surprised! I loved the exploration of writing and listening to others creativity. Very inspirational and looking forward to the next one!!" -Tamika, NSW



Ben always knew he wanted to be a music artist and producer. But as many of us do, he let the people in his life convince him that a stable job that paid the bills was more important. Instead of believing he had what it takes to make it and live out his dreams, he followed their advice and settled for a mind-numbing government job. It was this experience that drove him to create his second single, “The Rush” (due to be released in Dec). 

“I thought I’d make time for my music, outside of work. But it didn’t look like that. I did my best to juggle it with my responsibilities in the army but ultimately I got worn out, stressed and defeated working a job that wasn’t aligned with me. And because of that, my music suffered.” 

In his last year as an officer, Ben made a commitment to himself to go all in with his music. He participated in numerous personal development programs, creative writing workshops  and production courses to develop his skills. He began to develop his own process, using multiple modalities including; neuroscience, tantra, meditation, yoga, the psychology of habit forming, sense writing exercises and accountability around consuming inspiration. For the first time ever, Ben will be revealing his revolutionary and brand new approach to songwriting.

Just a month after getting out of the Army, Ben released his debut single, Be your own King”, which launched his career as an international producer. Soon after, clients from all over the world began to discover his process.

Wanting to show others exactly how they can do this for their own lives, Ben created ‘Song Lab’. “Without a community and structure to support you it is easy to slip off the bandwagon and forget about your hopes and dreams”, Ben says. The monthly accountability and support of Song Lab allows you to get reinspired, reconnected with your ‘why’ and hone your unique artist sound. 

What would you produce if you had a powerful, supportive and inspiring monthly structure to aid and facilitate your growth as a songwriter and musician? Imagine how many songs you could share with the world and the confidence you would have if you were surrounded by other artists who were just like you? Imagine the impact you could make in peoples’ lives if you let Song Lab take all the half written songs you have lying around on your desktop and release their best versions out into the world, so they get stuck on repeat in your fans heads.  

“I believe the power of music comes from its ability to transform people's lives.”

Are you ready to change lives with your creations?