Matthew Donlevy

Professional songwriters have a plan – a solid, business-savvy plan. But often songwriters wanting to move from hobbyist to professional don’t understand what that plan should look like. 

Matt can help songwriters wishing to develop a greater level of professionalism, developing the roadmap they need for the next phase of their career.

This roadmap may include: 

      • Finding professional co-writers & song writing training
      • Finding great producers
      • Developing production value & suitability
      • Getting radio play
      • Getting onto an A&R radar
      • Getting record company interest
      • Getting sync placements on TV, in movies and on the internet
      • Pitching songs to artists or their management
      • Getting bookers & managers
      • Artist branding and promotion

Matthew will tailor mentoring sessions to each mentee’s level, needs and goals, to ensure mentees get the value and benefit they desire from his input.

Matt Donlevy has spent 40+ years helping songwriters and artists across many genres develop their careers, in Australia and internationally. 

His involvement in music publishing as MD of Peer Music and Head of Cooking Vinyl Publishing Australia (current position), as well as experience in managing acts, has given Matt a proven track record building songwriter repertoire, profile, business and career success.

Matt has a passion for raw, indie talent and seeing artists get recognition and income from their craft. He’s frustrated at the missed opportunities many early-career songwriters experience simply because they have no plan, don’t understand the business processes and needs of their industry and lack guidance from experienced mentors in navigating pitfalls and finding & leveraging opportunities. 

If you’re an enthusiastic, self-motivated writer, wanting to up-level your career with reliable advice for the Aussie context, mentoring with Matt Donlevy will deliver confidence and direction for the next steps you need to take.

About Matt

Matt Donlevy's history in the music industry is long and distinguished.  He spent 30 years as Managing Director of Peer Music, and now heads up the publishing division for Cooking Vinyl Australia. Matt is also a Director on the Board of AMPAL (Australasian Music Publishers Association). 

Highly knowledgeable in area of artist management, Matt has considerable experience in the identification, development, management, commercialisation, marketing and sales of music talent and copyright owners.

As a consultant to songwriters, Matt can also share his expertise in the areas of copyright protection and career development.

A strategic and commercial decision-maker and contract negotiator with a strong understanding of the Australian and global music industry, Matt’s ability to assist in the development of an artist’s or songwriter’s career is exceptional.