Jude Ella

Jude Ella offers Mentorship and Consulting on Artist Identity, Branding, and Music Video Production.  

As your mentor, Jude will work alongside you to hone in on your individual 'why', what defines you, and the key concepts and themes you will be bringing to the world. 

He will support you to become clear on your Brand and how to Visually share your Artistry across the lifetime of your career: 

  • How to take your Identity and Branding to Album Covers, Photoshoots, Music Videos, Publicity, and develop a Visual Style for stage performances.
  • How to engage in longevity of your core Artist Identity and Brand.
  • He also offers support on Music Video Production - supporting you to develop music video concepts in line with your core Artistry. 

He will support you to hold a bold vision and execute it technically to a schedule, deadline, budget, and alongside a professional crew - or support you to develop, produce, and direct your own music videos. 

Jude is a passionate mentor, teacher, and member of the ASC Community, and is excited to support you to bring your Artistry to the world.


About Jude

Jude Ella is a film producer and cinematographer with over 10 years of experience and has got to live his dream working on the music videos of some of Australia's and the world's top artists like Rufus du Sol, Baker Boy, Ngaiire, and Vera Blue.

He was nominated as part of a team for a 2019 ARIA for 'Best Music Video' for 'Baker Boy - Cool as Hell.'

He also worked extensively in advertising, documentary, and corporate video production, as well as in Hollywood.

He has won ACS Gold, Silver, and Bronze for his cinematography work on multiple Rufus du Sol music videos and Short Film productions.

Visit Jude's website at www.theatlasofconsciousness.com/