What are the Conditions of Entry

Each attendee will be issued with a personal lanyard during registration at the event.  Lanyards must be worn at all times to gain entry to event activities. No lanyard = no entry.

The Australian Songwriters Conference organiser reserves the right to refuse entry into the event, or remove from the event, any person whose behaviour is deemed inappropriate.  Inappropriate behaviour includes:

      • offensive and/or abusive language,
      • threatening or violent behaviour,
      • physical, verbal or sexual harassment,
      • any behaviour that threatens the health and safety of others,
      • the deliberate damage or theft of event or venue items, equipment or furnishings,
      • any other behaviour deemed inappropriate by the organiser.

Where a person is refused entry to, or removed from, the event for any of the aforementioned reasons, no refund of Conference fees or extras (meals, accommodation, travel or other expenses paid by that person to attend the event) will be payable.

The audio and/or visual recording of workshops, seminars, talks, song pitching sessions or any other activities at the Australian Songwriters Conference is strictly prohibited.  Still photography is permitted.