Attend ASC 2018 for FREE!

Attend ASC 2018 for FREE!


The promotion is simple:

1. Register and pay your conference fee for ASC 2018.
2. You will be issued with a Unique Promotional Code (UPC), and ready-to-use social media and email templates to use.
3. Encourage your songwriter contacts to register for ASC 2018.
4. You get a 20% refund for each person who registers and pays for ASC 2018 using your UPC
5. When five (5) people register and pay for the event using your UPC, YOU GET FREE ENTRY to ASC 2018.

There is no catch;  get five people to the event and you will attend for free.


Each referral that is converted to a paid registration will reduce your fee 20%! That’s right! Even if only a couple of people you refer decide to attend ASC 2018, you’ll pay less for your conference fee, eg:

The Regular Fee fee is $1000.00, so

One referral conversion = You pay $800.00
Two referral conversions = You pay $600.00
Three referral conversions = You pay $400.00
Four referral conversions = You pay $200.00
Five referral conversions = You pay NOTHING!


Your songwriter friends and colleagues will be given added incentive to register using your UPC because they will get a $100 discount off their Conference fee if they do. 

This promotion is for registered attendees only, so if you haven’t already done so, you must register and pay to attend ASC in 2018 to take part in this opportunity. There are a number of fee payment options (including monthly instalments) to choose from when registering, so see the registration form for details.

Register Now!


ASC will refund you each time a converted referral/registration pays their fee in full.

ASC 2018 is limited to 100 attendees, so this promotion must end once that number is reached. Contact us if you have questions.