2018 Workshops

Sessions To Make Your Songwriting Shine

This listing of the 2018 workshops is continually updated so please check back periodically for updates. Only workshops are listed here; it does not include the one-hour talks by our Speakers. A list of Speakers/Topics is available at the Faculty page.


Co-Writing Workshops

Alan Roy Scott

Over the course of the 4 days of the conference, Alan will lead daily co-writing sessions and activities that teach the critical aspects of “hit” songwriting including song structure, melody craft, chord contrasts, lyrical forms & the importance of titles and rhymes.


Song Surgery

Alan Roy Scott

As well as leading the daily co-writing sessions at ASC2018, Alan will also run his popular “Song Surgery” sessions where detailed “live” evaluations and suggested revisions will be offered on the spot to attendees, aimed at improving your existing songs.


Home Recording and Mixing/Mastering

Jack Nigro

An important part of being a professional songwriter is the demo recording process. This is something that can be an affordable and simple process you can do from your home.

Join audio engineer Jack Nigro in the On-Site Studio as he takes you through some simple techniques and tricks you can use in your home recording set up to get the best sonic results for your demos and home recordings. These tips and tricks can significantly enhance your songs potential when pitching to the industry.

This 1.5 hour workshop is broken into 5 parts:

  • Setting Up Your Home Studio
  • Fundamental recording do’s and dont’s
  • Introduction to audio tools
  • Creating a simple mix
  • Mastering and file formats.


Beating Writer’s Block

Christine M Kerr

It’s the fear of every writer, that inexplicable obstruction to our creative flow; writer’s block. In this session, Christine Kerr will share the processes that have helped her to complete several national and international song challenges (50 Songs In 50 Days etc) and more recently, win the Adult Contemporary category of the UK Songwriting Contest.

If you regularly suffer with writer’s block – or you are concerned about it happening to you, this session is a must.


Business School for Songwriters

Katrena Friel

Discover why artists struggle in business.

Find out your personal strengths and challenges on how to take your business to the next level.  We want songwriters to learn that business is creative while getting the latest thinking in branding, social media, marketing, business process and systems, event management, strategic partnerships, sales, pricing and mindset.  You will work through a real live example for your own business and your unique business opportunities, tactics and behaviours in your specific marketplace.  The idea is to give you a great learning experience, so you respect business and steer away from the starving artist mentality of the past.

A FREE Business Coaching Session is offered after the session so you can determine if you are on the right track to commercial success and what areas you need to be focusing on this year.


Vocal Workshop for Performing & Non-Performing Songwriters

Doreen Van Bree

Doreen will conduct Singing Workshops to help you learn more about the vocal ‘instrument’ and how its used, so you can write songs to compliment any voice.  Doreen’s workshops are fun, interesting and educational, and all workshop participants will receive a free copy of her booklet “Basic Vocal Exercises For Singers”. Doreen will also be available at various times during the event as a Conference Mentor.


Keys to Unlock a Career in Music

Connie Kis Andersen

A workshop designed for those who dream of a career in music and songwriting but can’t quite shake their everyday reality.

Mindsets, skill sets, knowledge base and networks are just some of the doors we need to unlock before we can step into a career in the music industry.  The keys to these doors are all unique to our own situation, but they share a common template, irrespective of our age, gender, ethnicity and ability/disability.

Delivered in two sessions, Connie will enable you by helping you to identify your keys – from covering the technical aspects of songwriting, emotional challenges of the songwriter, along with the business acumen and knowledge needed for a profession in the industry. Read More


Lessons Learned

Adrian & Barbara Hannan

How to get to the next level and become a career songwriter.

Adrian and Barb Hannan have written/produced songs in multiple genres for artists, major record labels, TV, film, books, advertising and major corporate clients.

They will share their journey of how soaring with your strengths, quality, being flexible, moving with the times, discernment  diversification and writing in multiple genres and medias has allowed them to have a  successful career in the Australian music industry for almost 40 years.