(Archive) 2016 Seminars & Workshops

The listing below is from the June 2016 ASC event.  


Sessions To Make Your Songwriting Shine

This listing of the 2016 seminars and workshops will continue to be updated as new activities are added to the program so please remember to check back periodically. Only seminars and workshops are listed here; it does not include the one-hour talks by our Speakers who will share about writing in their specific genre or production, publishing, music law etc in the case of the industry executives.  A list of Speakers is available at the Faculty page.



Alan Roy Scott

Over the course of the 4 days of the conference, Alan will lead daily activities and workshop segments covering critical aspects of “hit” songwriting in 2016 including proper song structure, memorable melody craft, chord contrasts, lyrical forms & the importance of titles and rhymes.  Other topics Alan will cover include:

  • Analysis of current “hit”songs and what makes them “work”
  • Arrangement/production and current demo methods
  • The modern world of pitching and placements in the international market
  • The art of co-writing
  • Group co-writing sessions to mirror actual collaboration situations


Song Surgery

Alan Roy Scott

As well as running the Main Seminars at ASC 2016, Alan will also run his popular “Song Surgery” sessions where detailed “live” evaluations and suggested revisions will be offered on the spot to attendees, aimed at improving your existing songs.


Writing Songs That Connect

Carter & Carter 

Exploring the reasons behind why you write a song can often lead to more meaningful and successful songwriting, with more people connecting with the feeling or story you are trying to create, which in turn can lead to a more profitable and sustainable songwriting career.  In this workshop we will look at:

  • Why some songs endure the test of time to become classics
  • Why you write songs
  • How to find an idea that will engage people
  • Matching music to lyrics
  • Commercial aspects vs creative desires
  • Passion -v- Profits
  • The importance of songwriting as an expression of our culture
  • Is luck involved in writing a hit song?
  • Who is your audience for the song?


How to Stand Out from the Crowd…. (Being Heard as an Artist/Songwriter)

Barbara Hannan & Adrian Hannan

So you’ve written a song, or many songs in fact, they are all “HITS” but you can’t get a deal or cut – Why?  Sometimes writing a song seems to be the easy part of the creative process (although we will argue that point too!). What comes next however, often determines who is heard above the millions of voices in this world.

Adrian and Barb will take you through the processes they have learnt from years of trial and yes, error that have enabled them to capture the attention of some of the biggest names in the International Music Industry and led to many successes for themselves and their Artists and Clients.

What’s Your Hook?

Geordie Leach & Andrea Szabo

  • Talking about creative process
  • Collaborating / handling personalities and differences
  • Patterns and Melodies – the musical process
  • Commitment, longevity and life balance


Tips & Tools on Tweaking

Connie Kis Andersen

Ever heard the adage; “Hit songs are not written, they are re-written”? This workshop will provide you with tips and tools to help tweak your works. From getting the creative juices flowing, to using language that engages the senses and draws the listener in, all the while maintaining the structure and integrity of the song so that audiences can relate to it.  (References: Drawn from the teachings of Ralph Murphy, Pat Pattison and Jason Blume).


Vocal Workshop for Performing & Non-Performing Songwriters

Doreen Van Bree

Doreen will conduct Singing Workshops to help you learn more about the vocal ‘instrument’ and how its used, so you can write songs to compliment any voice.  Doreen’s workshops are fun, interesting and educational, and all workshop participants will receive a free copy of her booklet “Basic Vocal Exercises For Singers”.  Doreen is kindly making herself available at various times during the event as a Conference Mentor.