If you are serious about a career in music, you’ve probably already spent thousands of dollars on quality instruments, music lessons, computers and recording programs, demo production, sound gear, and the list goes on. You may be starting out, or you may have been pursuing your music career goals for some time. Either way, its time to make the effort and the expense worthwhile. It’s time to take the next step.


Australian Songwriters Conference

Five Days of Genuine, Effective Professional Development


The ASC is for all songwriters, artists, producers, publishers & managers.


The only event of its kind in Australia, the conference is packed full of seminars, workshops, attendee showcases, recording & production and other activities relevant to both performing and non-performing songwriters and the industry that supports them. The ASC’s main aim is to provide a supportive and nurturing peer environment where you can learn more about your craft, create relationships with the industry hit-makers, get up close and personal with the speakers and mentors who willingly share their time, knowledge and experience, and pitch your songs directly to the publishers (majors and indies) who attend the event.

The Australian Songwriters Conference is a major songwriter event on the music industry calendar and is a ‘must do’ for anyone with serious aspirations of a career as a performing or non-performing songwriter. In order to maintain an informal and intimate environment with maximum attendee-faculty networking potential and song pitching opportunities, there is a strict cap on attendance numbers.

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